Developing Corporate social dialogue and responsibility in Europe through:

  • Sharing and reinforcing best practices
  • Anticipating trends and issues
  • Training and developing HR and operational leaders
  • Influencing governments’ and stakeholders’ positions


All European companies are facing common issues, and at the same time the sharing of good prac- tices is geographical or by sectors. At the same time there are many discussions about the social dimension for Europe, but the only initiatives are coming from Brussels and are mostly limited to legal topics. Globally, there is a call for Corporate Social Responsibility, however, every company is struggling to find the way to balance the fight for competitiveness with social responsibilities.


The European HRD Circle, composed of a limited number of key experienced and international HR Directors (or ex HRDs), has been created to:

  • Share good practices and innovations and through this process give birth to the future European social standard. These norms will emerge from negotiations, within companies or sectors, and not only from common regulations
  • Be the voice of the European HR community in public debates, to translate Corporate Social Responsibility into concrete proposals

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