Developing the human dimension of companies

  • We aim at maintaining, restoring or developing the human dimension within companies recognizing that what makes a company unique is the way how humans work together and attractiveness is a must to be successful
  • We believe that a good management of the human resources is a key element for competitiveness


Valuing European Social Models

  • We value the European social models, want to contribute through cross fertilization to the emergence of social norms in Europe and believe that it would be a key contribution for a global governance



  • We believe that the best way to deal with human questions – in particular for education and training – is to anticipate issues and address them in a transparent manner


Promoting social dialog

  • We promote social dialog as a way to innovate and to solve problems
  • As a consequence, we respect unions and employee representatives and value their contribution to the economy


Welcoming youngsters

  • We want to endorse full responsibility to address the key issue of the entrance of youngsters in the labour market


Contributing to Welfare Policies

  • We want to contribute to the definition of new welfare policies in Europe as well as the emergence of new regulations to ensure that finance is not the only aim


Leveraging corporate Social Responsibility

  • We endorse the concept of CSR and recognize the key role of companies vis-à-vis the society and the rest of the world as a place to learn “living together”
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