A group of about 15 young HR professionals from our member companies represent the ‘next HR generation’ and challenge us with their own digital culture and experience.

Were present in 2016:

  • Anne-Sophie BOURGEOIS (Crédit Agricole)
  • Claudio CAMMARERI (Sanofi)
  • Alberto CAMPILLO (Orange)
  • Alix DE TRUCHIS (Faurecia)
  • Marion DUBOS (Orange)
  • Claire DUTERTRE (Crédit Agricole)
  • Laetitia GONIN-BRUN (Solvay)
  • Camille GROUT (Areva)
  • Karima HAMADOUCHE (Alixio)
  • Stéphanie HERTZ (Faurecia)
  • Laurent KERLEO (Air France)
  • Adrienne MEUNIER (Amundi)
  • Laurent REBISCHUNG (Air France)
  • Sabrina SCHMALSTIEG (Crédit Agricole)
  • Clara VERMANDÉ (Crédit Agricole)

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