1. The circle regroups top experienced HRDs throughout Europe:

  • HRDs representing large and international companies
  • Ex HRDs of large and international companies

2. It is organized by countries’ circles, in the different European countries.

The Circle has also a chapter for non-European groups with a strong presence in Europe.
Eligibility criteria are defined by country.

3. Joining the circle will be based on:

  • Cooptation by the existing members of the country
  • Adhesion to the Mission Statement, the Manifesto and the Governance of the Circle

4.Waiting for the status of European non-profit organizations, a French legal structure (association loi 1901) has been set up in 2010

5.The circle is co-chaired by Cornelia Hulla (Germany) and Yves Barou (France)

6.The Executive Team (“bureau”) is composed of the two chairmen, delegates from the key countries, and the founders of the Circle.

7. The Board, in addition to the Executive Team members, is composed of one member per country, each of them representing a country circle.

8.There are at least two board meetings a year


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