Human globalization: Will European companies win or loose?

Keynote speech: Cornelia Hulla, Yves Barou, Jozef Niemiec (ETUC) and Fernando Vasquez (EC)

Session 1 – The challenges of human globalization

  • The map of migrations within, from or towards Europe
  • Human globalization seen from China, Africa, Eastern Europe…
  • Who will take advantage of this global melting pot, and how?

Presentation by Catherine de Wenden (& Atlas)


Session 2 – Will the European labor market provide the necessary human resources for the economy?”

  • The trends of the worldwide labor market
  • Professional transitions and paths
  • Risks of manpower shortages, shifts in competencies and reactivity of education and training systems
  • Investment in human heritage
  • Will migrations fill the gap?
  • A greater need for strategic workforce planning and job prospective?

Elena Ambrosetti: Population ageing in Europe: past trends and future challenges


Jean-Christophe Dumont:A micro-economic approach to the labour market and migrations

The Great Debate


Session 3 – How to blend cultures in an effective manner? How to build effective organizations in a global world?

What is the value-added of diversity, cross-fertilization and corporate melting pot in international companies? How to build a competitive advantage from the European working culture and social model? What can we learn from emerging countries’ cultures? Globalization and corporate organizations




Session 4 – Corporate policies to increase professional, national and international mobility within European companies?

New trends for expatriation policies. How to take work-life balance and new lifestyles into account? Perceptions and barriers to mobility



Session 5 – Sharing experiences by sub-groups about diversity and management

How to promote teamwork in a global and diverse company taking advantage of new technologies? Could Europe lead the way for a more modern and global management? How to take advantage of greater diversity?

Jackie Morin: New initiatives for mobility in Europe


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