Slow growth shaking up HR policies and vision?

Time for disruption?

The first hypothesis that led us to this seminar is realizing that we are headed towards a new growth system with structural changes. This growth is durably slower, together with an inflation rate close to zero, characterized by the energy transition, the digital impact, a new step in globalization, the rise of a certain number of services, and has led to increased inequalities. We are forced to conclude that we are indeed in the wake of a new era, so we need to be aware and learn the lessons as it is fundamentally different from what we have known so far. In addition to macro-economic consequences, it will have an impact on businesses and HR practices.


General introduction

Growth and productivity growth trends


Session 1 – A new paradigm for compensation policies?

Chaired by Claude MATHIEU (Safran) and Dirk SCHNEEMANN

How to make global HR policies and processes work with short-term constraints and long-term vision in a context of reduced inflation and slow growth in Europe and sustainable growth in the rest of the world? Can our management systems with annual activity discussions, ratings and individual increases survive to slow growth? How do we adjust ourselves as HR professionals? Does it make sense to refer to the slowdown of productivity? What about competitiveness?

Steve JEFFERYS: Growing pay differentials and inequality: a societal and human resource challenge

Philippe BURGER: How do companies manage C&B on the inside but also at global level? + Q&A

Carl AZAR: “HR Climate Index 2015” – report


Session 2 – New challenges for employment, towards a competitive European industry

Chaired by Philippe VIVIEN (Alixio), Paul MAYER (Tetra Pak) and Cornelia HULLA

Paul MAYER: New investments in people in a more competitive environment

Jérôme JULIA : Invisible labor and hidden productivity; new glasses for HR managers

Philippe VIVIEN: Global growth, productivity and inflation are more and more disconnected – the energy transition is paving the way for future generations

Cornelia HULLA & Human Dynamics: Industry 4.0, a New Deal for European countries and companies?

Jozef NIEMIEC: The ETUC’s perspective


Session 3 – Businesses and their changing ecosystems

Chaired by Bernard PERRY

Stephen BEVAN: The Flexible Firm – Managing the Employment ‘Deal’ With Core & Peripheral Workers

Jérôme NANTY: Always More / Always Less

Marcel GRIGNARD: The trade unions’ point of view

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