Capitalising from digital disruption

Re-engineering HR practices and European organisations

How does Europe stand compared to other continents? Is it too late for Europe to lead the digital revolution? Could digitalisation be an opportunity for the re-industrialisation of Europe? What will the impact be on jobs and required competencies? What are the consequences on working modes? How can European companies manage their own digital transformation? What is the specific role of HR teams?

Overview of the EHRD Forum

Keynote speech by Yves BAROU


Session 1 – The digital transformation’s impact on businesses, competencies and jobs

Chaired by Dirk SCHNEEMANN and Xavier BROSETA


Session 2 – The digital transformation’s impact on working modes, management methods and collaborative working

Chaired by Bernard PERRY

Introduced by Gilles BABINET, digital champion, representing France for Digital maters at the European Commission – serial entrepreneur: A systemic revolution for work and companies and Bruno METTLING, Orange, Deputy CEO, author of the report: “Digital transformation and life at work


Session 3 – Companies’ own digital transformation

Chaired by Philippe VIVIEN – Introduction

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